Baptist Temple is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. (SBC)

    The SBC is a loosely associated group of 40,000 churches and 15 million  members. 

By affiliating with the SBC, we:

    Identify with other churches around the world who are known for their commitment to the Bible.  Unlike other groups, the SBC has no man-made “creed”.  The Bible is our only authority.

    Participate in the largest missionary organization in the world.  Through the SBC Cooperative Program, we help support over 7,500 missionaries in 124 countries.

Baptist Temple is a member of the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention. (SBTC)

    Cooperating with churches throughout Texas for mission causes in our region of the United States.

Baptist Temple is a member of the Crossroads Baptist Association.

    Uniting with and assisting other Southern Baptist Churches in our local area.


Baptist Temple Church, just like every Southern Baptist church, is completely independent and autonomous.  There is no denominational hierarchy.  Each church is self governed and determines its own affairs.